My Favorite Keyboards A Comprehensive Guide


My Favorite Keyboards A Comprehensive Guide

The Problem of Keyboard Choices

As a keyboard enthusiast, I understand the struggle of choosing the perfect keyboard. With so numerous options available on the market, it can be inviting to find the one that suits your needs. That is why I have decided to take my favorite keyboards with you. In this blog post, I’ll concentrate on the 70 layout, which is the most popular choice among users. Still, I’ll also mention some alternatives for those who prefer a full-size keyboard.

The Apple Magic Keyboard

Let’s start with the Apple Magic Keyboard, priced at around $79. This keyboard may not have as crucial travel as others, but I personally find it comfortable to class on. Still, I wouldn’t recommend it to most people unless they have formerly used it and gotten used to its unique feel. One of the stylish features of this keyboard is its function row, which doubles as shortcut keys for colorful functions in Mac OS.

The Logi MX Keys

Another popular choice is the Logi MX Keys, priced at $99. This keyboard offers further crucial trips compared to the Apple Magic Keyboard, making it a favorite among numerous users. It’s available in both white and black versions, and Logitech also offers a full-size version with a number pad. The dented keys on this keyboard give a better typing experience, and it features a clever backlight that turns on and off automatically as you use the keyboard. The MX Keys are compatible with both Macs and PCs.

The MX Mechanical

Still, I recommend the MX Mechanical by Logitech if you are interested in mechanical keyboards. Priced around $149, this keyboard is perfect for newcomers who want to try out a mechanical keyboard without any setup needed. It comes in two sizes: full-size and mini. The low-profile design offers a unique typing experience, especially if you are habituated to laptop keyboards. The MX Mechanical is available with different switch types, and it features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with over three biases.

The NuPhy Air75

Coming on the list is the NuPhy Air75, priced at $109. This keyboard is analogous to the MX Mechanical in terms of its low-profile design. Still, it feels more expensive and secure compared to the Logitech keyboard. The NuPhy Air75 allows you to switch out keycaps and indeed change the switches entirely, offering a customizable typing experience. It features Bluetooth connectivity for over four devices and also supports USB-C. One unique point of this keyboard is its full RGB lighting, which allows you to customize the look of your keyboard.

The Mode Sonnet

Still, the Mode Sonnet is the way to go if you are looking for the ultimate customizable keyboard. Priced at $299 for the standard spec, this keyboard is a true heavyweight. It offers endless customization options, allowing you to choose different accents, switches, keycaps, and accentuations. The Mode Sonnet is made from the highest-quality accoutrements and delivers an unequaled typing experience. Still, it comes at a high price. I consider it to be the Porsche of keyboards, catering to those who want a truly substantiated and decorative typing experience.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect keyboard is a private matter. It is dependent on your unique needs and preferences. The keyboards I’ve mentioned in this blog post are some of the stylish options available on request. Whether you prefer the sleekness of the Apple Magic Keyboard, the versatility of the Logi MX Keys, the freshman-friendly MX Mechanical, the customizable NuPhy Air75, or the decoration Mode Sonnet, there’s a keyboard out there for everyone.

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