What to Do If Your Cell Phone Is Too Hot in 2023

What to Do If Your Cell Phone Is Too Hot in 2023

8 Good Ways To Keep Your Cell Phone Cool

Having your cell phone next to you while you enjoy the summer break could be bad for the device. When you’re playing volleyball on the beach and quickly pull out your phone to check it, you notice that it’s warmer than you are. You can’t always hold it. For what reason is this getting hot? Is it because it’s hot in the summer? Or is there a problem with the way your cell phone works?

There are a lot of people who know about this and don’t bring their cell phones outside in the summer. Because it’s so important to daily life, you have to bring it with you everywhere you go.

It’s pretty common for cell phones to get hot these days, and it’s not always because it’s warmer outside. There are times when the cell phone or battery is broken. It’s very important to cool down your phone when it’s hot, because if it gets too hot, it could explode. The new cell phones are more sensitive than the old ones; they get hotter in a shorter amount of time.

That’s why we’re going to talk about this today so that you can keep your phone from getting too hot. These electronics need to be taken care of in every way. When you see your cell phone in pain, you need to pay extra attention.

Cell Phones Getting Too Hot

Being a little hot from the phone is normal; that’s because phones get hot when you use them for long periods of time. Just make sure it doesn’t get too hot, because that could be dangerous. Most of the time, cell phones get hot when their batteries have to work too hard and past their limits. If your phone gets too hot, it can make it hard to hold and may not work as well as it should. It could make your apps not work or run more slowly on your phone.

You and your cell phone should avoid both of these scenarios. It is very important to let your cell phone cool down first and then make sure it won’t get that hot again. Here are some of the reasons why your cell phones keep getting too hot.

Why Does It Happen?

We already said that getting a little heat from your phone is normal, but getting too much is scary. When you use your cell phone nonstop for two to three hours, it starts to get too hot. It’s because your phone’s battery is overloaded and has to do more work than it can handle. There are other things that could be making your cell phone hot. Let’s talk about those.

  1. Bright sunlight

The weather or the heat from the sun is too much in the summer. It gets so bad that sometimes people can’t handle it, so how can those tiny electronics? If you put your cell phone on the dashboard while you’re driving, when you get to your destination and take it out of your pocket, you will feel how hot it is.

The cell phone gets too hot because you put it in full sunlight. Because it’s getting too hot, you might not be able to open your phone, and it will stop working, which is very scary for you. Remember that you should always keep your phone out of strong sunlight, whether you’re in the car or outside your house.

  1. How are you going to use it?

How you use your cell phone is the other thing that matters. The battery of a cell phone is directly linked to it getting too hot. Of course, it will get hot if you use it all day. When you use your cell phone all day, the battery has to work extra hard. Eventually, it will run out of power and start flashing warnings when it gets too hot.

Actually, even people will get tired or start to show signs of being tired when they are doing work that is too hard for them to keep up. Don’t close any apps that are running in the background when you use your phone. Instead, always have a lot of apps running in the background. This will also cause your battery to go into a frightening state.

  1. Charging too much

Some people are used to leaving their cell phones charged all night. When it’s fully charged and still on electricity, it will start to get hot. This is another reason why your cell phone is getting too hot. It’s also suggested that you don’t charge your phone all the way to 100%. When the battery gets to 90% or higher, you can unplug it from the charger. That should be enough for your cell phone. Also, don’t charge your phone over and over. It could hurt the battery in the wrong way.

  1. Out-of-date software or apps

This is one more way to make your cell phone hot. When an app update comes out, it means that there are new changes to the app, and you need to update it. If you don’t, the app might stop working right because it needs the update. And when the app doesn’t work right, your phone’s battery has to work extra hard to make it useful.

For this reason, your phone might be getting too hot because of old software or apps. Every time there is a new update, you need to update your software or apps. You can change the settings to have your system automatically update apps whenever there is a new update.

It doesn’t matter what caused your app to get too hot; you should always keep a close eye on your phone when it gets hot. To keep it from breaking down, you need to cool it down right away. Let’s look at some ways to cool down your phone if it gets too hot.

Slow down your cell phone.

When your cell phone gets hot, you need to cool it down before the heat starts to damage the inside of the device. Let’s find a way to make it cooler.

  1. Make a fan

You might think it’s silly to blow on the cell phone. but when your phone gets hot, this is the right thing to do right away and it works. Spreading the air around your cell phone will help it cool down in a very easy way. If you are outside of your home and your phone starts to get too hot and you can’t find a fan, you can blow on it, especially the battery part.

It will also help your cell phone cool down right away. You need to blow on it until you feel like the temperature of your cell phone is becoming less hot. And don’t put your phone back where it gets too hot.

  1. Take the case off

Mobile covers are helpful for all sorts of reasons, but if your phone gets too hot, you need to take the cover off so that the heat can escape. There is a built-in feature in mobile phones that gets rid of all the heat, but the cover might be keeping that heat in. It is strongly suggested that you take off your phone cover and let it cool down for a while. Only then should you put it back on. This is another quick and easy way to cool down your cell phone.

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth

If you already have a Bluetooth connection between your phone and another device, everything will be fine. But if you turn on Bluetooth on your phone and don’t have a connection, it will keep looking for a close device that it can connect to. In other words, it works in the background whether it’s connected to a computer or not.

So make sure to turn off Bluetooth on your phone when you’re not using a gadget that is connected. This will keep your phone’s battery from dying. This Bluetooth will make your phone warm, and the only way to stop that is to turn it off.

  1. Don’t let the temperature change.

A lot of people think that putting a hot cell phone in the fridge might help it cool down. It’s not true, though. Something bad could happen if the temperature changes quickly. The freezer is too cold, and you should always keep in mind that your phone doesn’t like it when it’s too hot or too cold.

Put your hot cell phone in the fridge, but be careful not to damage the device. The weather inside a refrigerator could put stress on your phone’s parts and make it more likely to get wet, which could also break your phone. Don’t put your phone in the fridge when it’s too hot.

  1. Keep the phone out of direct sunlight.

If the straight sunlight is making your cell phone too hot, move it to a place out of the sun. Putting your phone in this will help it cool down and return to normal temperature. Direct sunlight could make your phone hotter. It is best to keep your cell phone out of direct sunlight as much as possible, especially in the summer.

  1. Keep your cell phone away from other tech

If your phone is getting hot in your bag along with other things like a tablet or laptop, take those things out of the bag and put them somewhere else. When things get hot, they give off heat. In the process, they may release heat that other things will take and use to heat themselves. If you put any kind of tech gadget next to a hot phone, you should always take it off. If your phone is hot, don’t put it in your bag. Instead, leave it somewhere open so that the heat can spread to other things around it.

  1. Disable any apps you don’t need.

If you use your phone too much, it could also get too hot. Do one thing: close all the apps you don’t need if you are working on something important and can’t put it down to rest. In this way, it won’t put extra stress on the phone’s battery and won’t need to get hot.

Make sure that all of the apps are closed. You haven’t closed your apps just because they’re there. Close the apps all the way. Your phone will show you a list of apps that are running in the background. Closing all of them will help your phone’s battery relax and cool down if it gets too hot.

  1. Put the cell phone away.

Turning off your phone is the only thing that will cool it down right away. There are times when your cell phone will turn off by itself when it gets too hot. Don’t worry, it will start up again once it cools down. Just wait a little while and then turn it back on.

If your cell phone is still on after getting hot, turn it off right away so that it doesn’t damage any of its parts. This also gives the battery time to cool down and return to normal. Once it’s back to normal, turn it back on.

In conclusion

One of the main issues people have had for a long time is PCs getting too hot. In fact, the new model of cell phones start to get hot after a short time of normal use, which will also make them less useful. It is very important to know what to do if your cell phone starts to get too hot.

Because your cell phone could even blow up if it gets too hot. So it’s important to cool down your phone if it gets too hot and also stay away from this situation. We’ve talked about some of the best and easiest ways to cool down your phone in this piece.


How can I fix a battery that’s too hot?

Do not use the battery that is too hot; it could explode at that point. For a while, you can take out the battery. There are also cooler places you can put your phone to cool it down.

What temperature is best for a cell phone battery?

To use a lithium battery, the battery should be between -29 and -60 degrees Celsius.

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