7 AI Tools Every Designer-Should Know

Hey designers- wouldn’t it be great if  could make designing tasks easy? I’m about to introduce you to seven best design tools that will transform your work. These tools can save you loads of time and effort and take your designs to the next level.

I’m Bri from Learners and let’s get started!


First- we’re going to start off with a tool called Whistle. With this tool- you can quickly transform an image like a screenshot or a template into a design that you can customize.

To get started- just create a free account on Whistle. Then- click on .Blank. and pick a design mode. If you want to edit UI designs- you can choose one option- or if you want to edit your sketch layout or app flows- you can choose another option.

Once you have selected your design mode- you can click on the plus icon and choose .Convert from Screenshot. This allows you to replicate any design you want.  Tools Every Designer

To replace any text in the design- simply select the text and type your own. You can also change images by clicking on the image and adding your own or choosing from similar stock images.

To download the design- just click on the export button and select the format you want. You can also export the design to Figma and edit it further.


The second tool is Recraft.a. With Recraft.a- you can easily create Vector art icons- 3D images- and illustrations in various styles. All you need to do is describe what you want- and it will generate an image for you.

To get started- click on .Create New Project. on Recraft.a. You will then have different styles to choose from. Select the style you want- enter the type of image you want to create- and click .Recraft..  Tools Every Designer

Recraft.a will generate the image for you in no time. You can use this image on your website- social media posts- or anywhere you want. You can also change the colors and download the icon in the desired format.

Jitter Video

Have you ever wished your designs could come alive? Well- now they can with Jitter Video. This tool allows you to easily turn your Figma designs into animated videos.

To use Jitter Video- you need to import your Figma design and then animate it using the pre-made animation options or custom options. Once you’re done animating- you can export the video and download it.  Tools Every Designer

Jitter Video is a great tool to add life to your designs and make them more engaging.


Adam is an amazing tool that allows you to seamlessly create professional logos without needing the skills of a graphic designer. With just a few clicks- you can create. stunning logos and other images.

To create a logo using Adam- you need to describe the type of image you want to create. It will then generate a variety of unique logos based on your input. You can choose the one you like and download it.  Tools Every Designer

Adam also provides pre-made images. that you can use as inspiration and customize them to make them your own. It’s a great tool for creating visually appealing logos.


If you want to convert a pixel image into a high- quality vector image- Vectorizer.a is the tool for you. With just a single click- it can convert your image into a vector format- allowing you to zoom in without losing quality.

To use Vectorizer.a- simply upload. the pixel image- and it will vectorize it for you. You can then download . the high-quality vector image and further customize it if needed.

Vectorizer.a is a game-changer for designers who want to ensure the quality of their images- even when zoomed in.

Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an tool that generates amazing  art based on the prompt you give it. The quality of the art depends on the prompt you provide- so giving a good prompt is essential.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a good prompt- Gravity Right has a tool that can generate great prompts for your  art. Simply enter your detls- and it will generate the perfect prompt for Mid Journey.  Tools Every Designer

Using Mid Journey and Gravity Right together- you can create stunning  art that surpasses your expectations.


Locy is a tool that can convert your Figma designs directly into code ready for production. Whether it’s React- HTML- CSS- or Next.js- Locy can do it all.

To convert your Figma design into code- you need to install the Locy plugin and import your design. Locy will suggest any necessary. fixes to the design structure before generating the code. Once you’re ready- Locy will convert your design into code- which you can then export and use.

With Locy- you can save time and effort by automatically generating code. from your Figma designs.


I hope you found these  design tools useful and interesting. They have the potential to transform your work and take your designs to the next level.

Make sure to check out the links to these tools in the description below and let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

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